Web Design Companies Acquire CADwebsiteDesign.com

Web Design Beach and Cofa Media are pleased to announce their acquisition of CAD Website Design. The purchase will allow these companies to work with more small business clients and achieve their online business development goals even with a limited budget.

“CAD Website Design will allow us to develop beautiful and user-friendly websites for small to medium sized business,” said Edwin Lap of Cofa Media. “Having a small budget shouldn’t mean living with an unattractive or poorly designed website. Now we can cater to all types of business, from the typical mom-and-pop-shop up to large corporations.”

CAD Website Design was founded by Jeff Phillips seven years ago. The company comes with a solid reputation in the Internet industry and well-deserved top rankings in both Google and Yahoo! search engines.

“We’re glad we were finally able to buy CAD Website Design and I hope we’ll be able to improve the already good reputation and visibility of this company,” said Nikola Mitic of Web Design Beach. “I also hope the new company will improve the work we do and the synergy will have mutual benefits.”

About Web Design Beach:

This website design company is unlike others because they understand how to take their clients’ desires, offer their professional opinions and combine the two to create a website that reaches out to the current market and expands it to surpass any goals. Web Design Beach offers web design, web development, and SEO services.

About Cofa Media:

Cofa Media can take any website to the next level, from the concept to the website development and design. Their services build a bridge between beauty and basics with conceptual branding, functionality, design, interactive features and dynamic art. Their online business development services have a proven track record of success with both small and large businesses in all industries, from the medical field to the action sports industry.