Beginner’s Manual to Breaking Passwords

Every one of us has wanted at some point in our lives to be a hacker and break into other people’s computers. However, most of us give up this idea not so much because of moral reasons as because of modest intellectual abilities.

1. The question of morality

The question of morality can be easily banalized by asking yourself the question ‘Am I a coward?’ If your answer is positive, then you definitely shouldn’t be a hacker. Your conscience will trouble you whenever you do something wrong.

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Website

colorful and fun color scheme
Marketing and psychological research that studies how certain colors and color schemes appeal to consumers in different ways have now become fairly mainstream for many different types of businesses. When it comes to the web, these kinds of considerations are even more important for businesses who want to get the most out of their investment. Most web designers and graphic designers are aware of the particular methods for choosing a color scheme and they know what colors work well together. However, for the average person looking to create their own website, choosing colors can sometimes be daunting.

Google Auto Suggest Can Be Funny

We all use Google on daily basis to search for various things. Their search has one neat feature – auto suggest can be very useful and save you some time and give you additional ideas. But what happens when those suggestions are a bit off? You might have seen at least of some of these “googlelolz” by now but no harm in remind you about funny auto suggests, that it while they remain funny. Some of these are almost scary. Enjoy! :)

google auto suggest

Free Twitter Backgrounds

Update: For more Twitter backgrounds go to our new website twitter backgrounds gallery

With Twitter growing each day you can see more and more Twitter backgrounds out there. We at Web Design Beach decided to join the fun and make few ourselves. After all, Twitter theme you use is something people will notice, so having one that stands out can’t be a bad thing. We present you six brand new Twitter backgrounds for you to download and use if you like.

Every background is free, lightweight and optimized for mostly used 1024 resolution but we were thinking about all of you with big screens so have no fear our Twitter layouts are going to look the same on 1280px or wide screen.

  • Web Design Beach Twitter background

Web Design Beach Twitter background (more…)

Top Firefox extensions for Web Developers, SEO and common use addons

Here you will be able to find recommended extensions/addons for your favorite browser.

Extensions are separated in three categories:

Top 10 extensions for web developers:

1. Firebug | more info | download


Firebug is revolutionary extension in web development which allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. With firebug you can monitor AJAX calls and responses, visualize and change CSS on the fly, explore the DOM and track JavaScript bugs (more…)