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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Website

colorful and fun color scheme
Marketing and psychological research that studies how certain colors and color schemes appeal to consumers in different ways have now become fairly mainstream for many different types of businesses. When it comes to the web, these kinds of considerations are even more important for businesses who want to get the most out of their investment. Most web designers and graphic designers are aware of the particular methods for choosing a color scheme and they know what colors work well together. However, for the average person looking to create their own website, choosing colors can sometimes be daunting.

Watchalyzer, Watch Magazine and Review Website, Launched

We’re proud to announce that our latest project, online watch magazine, is launched. Watchalyzer will be focused on publishing high-quality wristwatch reviews and latest news in haute horology. Starting off small but with knowledgeable team determined to bring only the best to their readers, we’re sure that they’ll grow and become recognized name in the world of watches magazines.

10 Time Savers for Every Developer and Programmer

Perhaps one of the biggest things every developer shares is trying to find ways to speed up their production.  Because after all we would much rather be out in the sun at the beach rather than stuck in an office.  Below are 10 tips and tricks (in no particular order) I have found to help speed up production, workflow and even working with clients.

1. Find a good medium for support whenever you get stuck.  We all have those moments were we can’t figure out a bug or the client has some off the wall request that doesn’t even seem possible.  At first I must admit I was very weary of forums or support communities but, it’s grown on me.  My favorite is they have tremendous support with everything from seo tips, to zen-cart help.  Whenever I get really stuck I’ll just submit a question to webmasterworld and within a day or two usually get the answer.


Phoenix Design Week - The world of design always keeps me on my toes

phoenix design weekThe world of design always keeps me on my toes. It is a constant learning process; one that provides a continuous challenge to stay on top of the latest news and innovations. While most designers agree that learning the newest trends and more efficient processes is necessary, they won’t take the time or effort to explore these opportunities as they are being developed. I recently ran into Stephanie Sullivan,  at Adobe Max in L.A. and upon her mentioning that she was heading to Phoenix Design Week, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and learn some of the current happenings in Design.

In addition to design, I have always been interested in what other cities have to offer creatively. Surprisingly enough, not all design methods and trends are the same from one location to another. In order to be more versatile, you have to gain hands on experience in these locations in order to truly understand them. I decided to sign up for Phoenix Design Week to see what the latest developments have made their way to the Desert. Since I had never been to Phoenix, I figured it would be a great way to explore the city, get to know the local design community, and attend a couple of interesting sessions. (more…)

Free Fonts Download on

Just a quick post to make sure no one misses update on our favorite CSS gallery. From now on you can download great fonts from New section was added for all font hungry designers who are looking for new ways to make their great designs even better. It’s starting off small but number of free fonts you can download from will steadily grow in future.

Adding fonts fits really well in our concept of making CSS Creme something more than just a good CSS gallery. New resources like various tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator, inspirations and now fonts coupled with, in my opinion, better profiles and latest industry news should make even more useful to all those who are passionate about web design and who see themselves as part of that community.

Go check it out if you find time and let us know what you think.

Free Twitter Backgrounds

Update: For more Twitter backgrounds go to our new website twitter backgrounds gallery

With Twitter growing each day you can see more and more Twitter backgrounds out there. We at Web Design Beach decided to join the fun and make few ourselves. After all, Twitter theme you use is something people will notice, so having one that stands out can’t be a bad thing. We present you six brand new Twitter backgrounds for you to download and use if you like.

Every background is free, lightweight and optimized for mostly used 1024 resolution but we were thinking about all of you with big screens so have no fear our Twitter layouts are going to look the same on 1280px or wide screen.

  • Web Design Beach Twitter background

Web Design Beach Twitter background (more…)

Web Design Companies Acquire

SAN DIEGO, CA Jun 9, 2009

Web Design Beach and Cofa Media are pleased to announce their acquisition of CAD Website Design. The purchase will allow these companies to work with more small business clients and achieve their online business development goals even with a limited budget.


Well Established Web Design Companies Acquire Popular CSS Gallery

SAN DIEGO, CA - (February 17, 2009) - Web Design Beach and Cofa Media are pleased to announce their acquisition of CSS Creme, one of the leading CSS galleries on the Web. The two reputable companies plan to make the site an even better showcase for Web page design, tutorials and templates.