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Google Auto Suggest Can Be Funny

We all use Google on daily basis to search for various things. Their search has one neat feature – auto suggest can be very useful and save you some time and give you additional ideas. But what happens when those suggestions are a bit off? You might have seen at least of some of these “googlelolz” by now but no harm in remind you about funny auto suggests, that it while they remain funny. Some of these are almost scary. Enjoy! :)

google auto suggest

On-Site SEO Factors

I’ll start this post by saying that list of on-site SEO factors that is in front of you is meant to be a (short) recap of how certain factors can affect your rankings and how important they might be. To put things in perspective, on-site SEO has less impact on rankings compared to some other factors like trust and authority of domain and number and quality of external links. But here is something that you need to think about before dismissing on-site SEO as unimportant:

- Having good on-site SEO might not be enough reach top rankings by itself but having that aspect of SEO neglected will most definitely bring penalty and hamper your other efforts to achieve good rankings. To make extreme example, pages that have no title or try to rank for “Web Design” and page title is something like “Pet Food” really won’t do that well.

- While on-site SEO is relatively less important for broad and very competitive keywords, when it comes to long tails its importance raises dramatically. Having carefully chosen title for certain inner page that has good content and a lot of inbound links and you just might see page getting top rankings if overall domain trust is high.


Lawyers Base Goes Live

Just a quick heads up on a new project.

Lawyers Base is a new site we started - going for very competitive market won’t bring fast results and road ahead of us is hard and long. But with enough dedication we’re hoping that we’ll make nice progress and one day be able to stand next to giants like and FindLaw.

Initially, we’ll try to focus on ranking well for some local results improving as we go, and as site gains strength and authority you should see us ranking for more and more competitive phrases.

We’ll keep you updated on progress of our latest project with some good news soon.

SEO for Flash - Google crawling experiment - part 2

To find out about new Adobe stuff I went to Adobe MAX 2008/2009 conference. I was especially interested in session about Flash and search engines and looked forward to finally learn about status of Google and Yahoo flash crawling implementation.
Unfortunately it turned out to be very disappointing especially after realizing that lecturer didn’t know some basic things. All in all whole session was pretty foggy and it looks that we will have to stick to our flash SEO experiment :)
Lets make summary what we’ve figured out till now: (more…)

About Freemasons wiki

During the last few years all of us were witnesses that social networks and heavy content pages websites were dominating on the web.

Web Design Beach decided to try with one more experiment and track growth of wiki style website About Freemasons.

This will be nice experience for all of us where we will monitor Google, Yahoo and MSN activities, organic traffic and visitors interaction and contribution.

More info coming soon :)

SEO for Flash - Google crawling experiment - part 1

During the last month we were been able to read lots of articles and comments regarding new Google update for Adobe Flash indexing.

How exactly this works?

It looks no one knows for sure :(

adobe flash and google experiment

To discover this mystery Web Design Beach decided to make experiment and try to find answers for lots of questions like:


How to increase website traffic - Complete CSS gallery list

Complete CSS gallery list is my small contribution meant to help you increase your traffic in a very natural way. Be warned before reading on – list is rather long, and it will take time to go through it
to submit your website.

What’s the idea behind the list and all CSS gallery concept? For those who don’ know by now, CSS gallery are showcase sites where good designed websites, blogs, or even certain page elements are gathered in one place. So if you have eye catching design but hardly anyone stops by to see it, submitting to galleries might just be what you need.

Most of the galleries have their rules and guides regarding web design, CSS markup or used technology/framework so you can’t submit just anything. Artistic websites on the other hand or, websites that can match the style of these, can easily get on the homepage or be top rated in their respective categories in number of CSS galleries. That in turn brings exposure which transfers into traffic increase, not to mention that it’s always nice to get some additional backlinks. (more…)

Top Firefox extensions for Web Developers, SEO and common use addons

Here you will be able to find recommended extensions/addons for your favorite browser.

Extensions are separated in three categories:

Top 10 extensions for web developers:

1. Firebug | more info | download


Firebug is revolutionary extension in web development which allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. With firebug you can monitor AJAX calls and responses, visualize and change CSS on the fly, explore the DOM and track JavaScript bugs (more…)